A centre for collaborating and co-creating opportunities for personal growth and well-being.


Harbour House Yoga is proud to partner with local, ethical and environmentally-friendly companies.

This is in harmony with our mission of cultivating a Sattvic lifestyle and enjoy ultimate health of our

body, mind and spirit.

Lush Valley Lifestyle

Lush Valley Lifestyle has designed an all natural cork yoga mat which provides a luxurious plant based alternative for your practice. Feel the grounding of nature beneath your feet at Harbour House Yoga.

Lush Valley Lifestyle was developed with a desire to create, share, inspire, and support. Having been given this opportunity to live a more balanced life, Lush Valley Lifestyle has been able to connect and grow within the yoga community.

We love the peace of mind the anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic properties that cork provides. We are proud to partner with this ethical and conscious company!

Saltwater Crafted

Saltwater Crafted makes handcrafted yoga props, made from discarded, discontinued, recycled or remnant upholstery fabrics.

Saltwater Crafted uses these beautiful fabrics to piece together unique and one-of-a-kind yoga props.

We are thrilled to utilize this company's bolster yoga props and are proud to partner with this environmentally conscious company!

My Fit Life Now

Their Mission: "To empower, motivate and inspire others to lead healthy lifestyles. We do that by having videos that are real and raw, so you feel inspired and not intimidated.


Our workouts are short and filmed inside and out, so you can fit it into your busy schedule wherever you are. With us you can workout anytime, anywhere and just for the price of a specialty coffee."

We are thrilled to partner with Jessica & Kristy to help change the lives of individuals one by one to be happier, healthier and stronger by getting them moving.


Harbour House Yoga is not only committed to working with company's who follow ethical business practices, but we are also honoured to give back.


Her International's mission is to empower women + girls through education and to provide for the advancement of education and educational opportunities for people living in poverty in Canada and abroad, by increasing relevant knowledge, abilities and life skills of individuals and family members, with a focus on helping girls and women when doing so.

For $33 a month, you cover admission and exam fees, group tutoring, school uniforms, shoes and socks, school bags, school supplies, and personal hygiene products for one girl and her mother will automatically join a savings and life skills group that will support her in becoming self reliant.

It is Harbour House Yoga's goal to sponsor a girl and her mother every month of the year. All profits of our New Moon Ceremonies will go directly to Her International.

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